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I am a former international athlete whose swimming career was cut short due to a vestibular (inner ear balance) condition I had since childhood. My personal experiences, disabilities and curiosity led me to pursue a career in physiotherapy and then the concepts of mental health and mental fitness. This was the beginning of the journey of the Mind-Body Connection. Now, I assist others on their own journeys by helping them understand and create their own paths.

I have worked in the NHS and for Third Sector Charities since 2003 (over 21 years), including for two Tertiary Specialist Services in Mental Health and a Complex Pain Management Service in a Secondary Care Hospital. My initial focus involved working with deaf and deafblind people, military veterans, NHS professionals, and international athletes to work in harmony with their body and the brain, rather than fighting against the self. These individuals often face immense pressure in their careers and may experience unexpected traumatic events, loss of identity, and changes in ability. Many of my clients struggle with moral injury and must adjust to new circumstances that impact their purpose, relationships, and health. 

Later, I discovered the value of communication, connection and the compassion-focused approach with children from foster care and adoption and I am enthusiastic with supporting parents and working with emotional dysregulation. I increased this with further training in therapeutic parenting and non-violent resistance, which all reinforced the initial compassion-focused approach and the importance of our neurophysiology (the body and brain) whilst engaging our minds (the adult and the child) together.

With a foundation in physiotherapy, I understand the body, brain, and physiology and how they work. My integrative counselling training complements this understanding by providing knowledge of psychology. Through my organisation, Richmond Balance, I provide individuals with space to step back and reflect on their journey, gain understanding and meaning, and ultimately find healing and recovery in a way that is unique to you.

I have specific training and interests in the following areas: Compassion-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness and the Power-Threat Framework. I also have experience in many trauma-informed practices, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR and adoption counselling training. I am also fluent in British Sign Language and a deafblind communicator guide.