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In the dynamic world of sports, athletes navigate challenges both on and off the field, juggling the demands of media, fundraising, work, and family. I understand that the journey of a sportsperson is far from isolated; it is complex, woven with passion, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence. However, when change disrupts the familiar rhythm of athletic life, it can cast shadows over one's sense of purpose within the sporting realm.

As a former International Athlete, I intimately understand the intricate dance between triumph and adversity. My competitive career was abruptly halted by disability, leading me through the arduous terrain of grief, loss, and self-criticism. Yet, within that challenging journey, I unearthed internal wisdom and a profound understanding of the mental and emotional landscape of sports.

This therapeutic space is crafted to support you, the athlete, in comprehending the unique mentality of sport and discovering the true essence of your purpose. Together, we will navigate the impact of change, unravelling its layers to reveal a path toward your holistic well-being. Drawing from personal experiences and insights gained through overcoming the hurdles of transition, I am here to guide you through the maze of emotions, uncertainties, and rediscovery that often accompany a significant shift in your athletic journey.

Your story within the world of sports is not just about victories and defeats; it's about resilience, adaptation, and the unwavering spirit that defines you. Let this therapeutic journey become a powerful ally as you redefine your purpose, reclaim your identity, and carve a new narrative that transcends the confines of sport.