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With a trauma-informed, compassion-focused approach I support parents in one to one or groups, for those who are experiencing 'emotional regulation' difficulties in the home. Emotional regulation is the ability to turn the thermostat up, or down on the emotional temperature when it is appropriate for different situations we face throughout the day. This means we can drum up just enough motivation to get out of bed for school, or we can be angry, and show it in a helpful way; and be sad when we need to be sad. We can also be motivated and energised when we need to be, and happiness can be just that, without turning into anxiety.

Sadly, for some children and young people, particularly those who may have experienced trauma or find living in a neurotypical world very stressful, regulating these emotions can be difficult and they react from an automatic 'keep me safe' position that the brain can hold. As parents, this can be overwhelming and we try all sorts of strategies, which also try to keep safe. This can include matching and mirroring the emotions sometimes, as is human, and the family feels like it is bouncing off each other. Substance misuse, being unable to attend school, and tensions with professionals, can just be a foundation of the problems faced.

Therapeutic parenting, with a compassionate approach, gives you space, skills and tools, to understand what is happening for you in all of this dynamic. In turn, we can hold space for the child or young person, and develop strategies that can be most helpful for all.

I have particular experience in those who may have long-term conditions and disabilities, that add an additional layer to the brain and its' processing in daily life. I also have experience with adoption and fostering, having undertaken Adoption Counselling Training with Barnados.